The mission of Kooser Elementary is educating, embracing and empowering all students for lifelong learning.

Kooser School Traffic

We appreciate your help with following this plan to keep our students safe!

To ensure the safety of our students please adhere to the following as you drop off and pick up your students each day. Please discuss these rules with your students so they will understand their importance. It is imperative that we all work together to maintain a safe environment for our students as they arrive and leave school each day.


  • When dropping off and picking students up, follow the plan outlined on the map created by the city traffic engineers. See map with directions.
  • Enter the loading/unloading zone in front of school from the North, and do not leave your car.
  • After dropping off or picking up students please carefully pull out of the curb lane to exit to allow the curb traffic to keep moving.
  • When exiting the drop off lane only turn right on 13 th Street.
  • Do not double-park in the drop off lane. If the curb lane is full, please exit and return when there is room at the curb.
  • If you must leave your car, only park in the parking lot or a side street and walk to the school.
  • Students should exit and enter their vehicle only on the right passenger side so they do not have to cross through the moving traffic lane.
  • A designated lane in the staff parking lot will be used as a bus-loading zone and for day care vans. Students will enter and leave these vehicles at the curb.
  • Do not stop in the handicapped stall or park there without a permit.
  • Do not load or unload students in the staff parking lots.
  • Do not use the service drive behind the school for drop off or pick up.
  • Do not drop off or pick students up on 13 th Street going north. Only using the curb cut on 13th Street.
  • Follow the signs and do not stop or park in the crosswalk areas.
  • Make arrangements ahead of time as to where students should meet you.


  • Pedestrians should only cross the street at the designated crosswalks as indicated on the school traffic map.


  • When on school grounds and crossing in the crosswalks students must get off and walk their bikes.
  • Bikes should be parked in the bike racks and locked.
  • Students are reminded to always wear a helmet.